Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Nurses Changing Specialties

Do you love the nursing specialty you've chosen? Is it all you expected it would be? Are you even working in the specialty area that you had hoped to be in? These are all questions nurses must ask themselves at some point.

I remember how devastated I was when I did not receive a job offer in the specialty I had hoped for upon receiving my nursing license. I thought my world had ended. I had this specialty based career all planned out since before I even entered into nursing school.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was very lucky to have been able to get a job in the specialty that was my second choice. It has become MY specialty, and now, I wouldn't take a job in what had been my first choice for any amount of money, (well OK, I'd take a million dollars and hour, but I bet I wouldn't be as happy)!

Most nurses don't even get the chance to be employed in a specialty area straight out of nursing school. Most, planned for or not, will be employed on general med-surg units at the beginning of their career. Though this may be heart-wrenching for some, at first, it is probably the best experience you can ever get for your nursing career. Med-surg nursing applies to ALL areas of nursing care and will greatly elevate your skills and knowledge far beyond that of the nurses who have always only worked in one specialty area for their entire career.

But what if you've done your time on the med-surg unit, and still want to change to a specialty area, (and yes, med-surg is a specialty itself). Most hospitals offer the option to let you change to another unit or position after a period of time, usually 6 months, but often times, there can be a lot of red-tape, in the form of facility politics which can prevent this from happening easily. This is not across the board at all hospitals, but it does happen at many.

The problem is that at most facilities, both your present supervisor and the supervisor of the unit you wish to be transferred to must both approve the transfer. This can cause issues, especially if you are a good nurse and employee. This is because good nurses can be hard to find, (though there are many). Your present supervisor may not want you to leave and may drag her heals on the approval.

This can be unfortunate, especially if you are an exemplary employee. If after a few tries the transfer does not seem to be moving forward and you really want to change, you may need to look at another facility. This in itself can be hard, because many places so not want to place experienced nurses on units where they will have to be trained. It sometimes seems like it is even harder to get into a specialized area after you've been a nurse for a while, than it is straight out of school, and as I've said, that isn't easy either.

So what can be done? There is a little bit of a secret that most nurses so not know. Many hospitals will have a certain time of the year when they take applications for new nurses straight out of nursing school to try to obtain a specialty position which they will train them for. It is highly competitive for these students, as most facilities will take very few new nurses at once. But, what most people don't know is that these are also great opportunities for experienced nurses who want to change their specialty and these nurses usually have a very good chance of being hired for these positions.

So if you are looking to change your specialty and keep hitting a brick wall, check with the HR department of a few facilities to see of they offer an internship program for new nurses and when the application process begins. This may just be the next best way to get your foot in the door to the position you have always dreamed of.

Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Certified Yoga Nurse

The medical care staff have always been known as being amazingly enthusiastic and looking after individuals, always going out of their way to help others. Well nowadays, some nurses are basically flexing over in reverse to help their sufferers. Medical Yoga exercises is a growing field that many individuals are using. Not only can you exercise yoga as a health professional, educate medical care yoga as a yogi, but now there is something called a qualified Yoga exercises Nurse, giving you the best of both planets.

The medical care benefits of yoga have long been known and are widely used in Southern medication. In The united states, yoga has become hugely more well-known in the last several years and can be found in essentially every city. Many different types of yoga can be used for treatment, but the most well-known in the medical industry is medical care yoga. Medical yoga is a combination of modern technology of the system and traditional hatha yoga. With this particular treatment, there is usually a medical care analysis, resulting from X-rays, blood vessels assessments, tests, ultrasounds and other assessments to evaluate a sufferers complete and try to determine the real issue. Once a problem has been determined, the affected person will be given yoga asanas designed to help impact position and physical processes. These presents are usually very simple and not unpleasant, available to even the most fitness or versatile of individuals. Often they are combined with equipment to make the present more easily possible -- things like yoga seats and yoga straps. This kind of yoga is used to cure all kinds of conditions, from throat issues to bronchial asthma, diabetic issues to osteo arthritis.

One of the most common conditions handled with medical care yoga is back spondylitis, or serious reduced returning problems. Research has revealed that individuals who attended a yoga study for 6 months had a lesser amount of discomfort and improved activity after exercising a few times a week. Similar studies have also proven that a regular yoga exercise can lead to less stress and stress, 'abnormal' amounts of depressive disorders and sleeplessness, and reduced pulse rate and blood vessels pressure; in addition to the apparent results of better strength and versatility.

These times it's not just sufferers benefitting from exercising yoga. The medical care staff are now being determined as a market that needs extreme help in decreasing job stress. Small yoga plans are being provided to nurses as a way to handle stress while on the job. Consider getting two minutes to find a lounge, close your eyes, and take a couple of calming deep breathing. Take a second and pick up onto the returning of a seat and do a standing down dog to feel immediate launch though shoulder area, spinal. Practicing yoga regularly before a move has assisted nurses to maintain emotions of relaxed for longer and though more trying circumstances.

As a health professional, you can also include yoga into your work. Becoming a qualified Yoga exercises Nurse is easier than it might sound. Rns only need to take a 2-5 day training course and no past yoga experience is required. The creator of Yoga exercises Nurse, Annette Tersigni, qualified with the best of the best in the Nineties -- individuals like Deepok Chopra and Bob Simon Mds. She created Yoga exercises Nurse after recognizing that by being an RN and a qualified medical care yoga instructor at the same time, she could help even more individuals. Providing knowledge of the